The cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

She has done him many kindnesses.

To my shock, he killed himself by taking poison.

We never had any choice.

It took a long time to break down her reserve and get her to relax.

He thought he would kill himself.

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Play the part of Hamlet.


I'm in Dubai.

Mason opened the door slightly.

His demands are reasonable.

Someone stole my watch.

Italo Calvino returned to Italy when he was still just a boy.


Let's find out what Irvin wants.


He worked hard to provide for his family.

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On the house, Vijay.

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What will you eat?


Terri didn't see anything.


He made a gesture to me to run away.


His life was full of variety.

Uri felt nothing.

You'll be there in no time.


In this world, there are people who take advantage of legal loopholes to do things that are almost illegal.

I'm just wondering how you are getting on and if you have adjusted to the new environment.

My father left for China.

Would you like me to switch on the light?

Are you going to help them?

This can only end in tears.

Bradley doesn't have any cash.

I've always been a big fan of Jean Reno.

I'll tell Josh you were here.

He will soon be a father.

Petals flying in the wind.

You don't need to go in such a hurry.

Hitoshi can move objects with his mind.

It's very bright.

Hank has a backache.


Grace has no choice but to do what he's been told to do.

Rain formed pools in the hollow spaces on the rocks.

I know of a city whose inhabitants never smoked.


I can't get used to this.


We were poor, but we were happy.

Don't hesitate to tell me if you need anything.

Elric is the only one who would buy things from me.

Were you born here?

English is a global language.

Cris told me that he saw that movie.

She was so dazzled that she did not recognize the Princess in her glittering garments.


The question is whether Kit was planning to meet Gregor or just met her by chance.


Who should I talk to?

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That's not nearly good enough.


Barton is under investigation.


I hope to graduate at the exams.

The judge declared a mistrial.

Often ravages hunters' cabins and steals prey from traps.

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Mahmoud has no empathy.

Are you ready to take over if Graham couldn't work anymore?

Do you want to sing?

I suddenly realized that everything in my life was not an accident.

That rarely happens.


Sally doesn't seem to mind.

Mara knows what Benjamin's car looks like.

To this day, there is still confusion between transvestites and transsexuals.

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You didn't mean it, did you?


Saiid says he wants a puppy for Christmas.

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He blamed the teacher for his failure.

The man pleaded for mercy, but he was sentenced to twenty years in prison for his crime.

English is a kind of universal language.

The old poet sat down again beside the stove, and took the little boy in his lap; he wrung the water out of his streaming hair, warmed the child's hands within his own, and gave him mulled wine to drink.

I resign.


The teacher looked for the walking-stick.


Many young people with piercings stay together their whole lives, especially if one gets their nose ring stuck in the other's braces.

How small is it?

How far have you got on that job?

Loukas is too proud to give up.

I will marry a beautiful Estonian woman.

Amedeo is wearing a Harvard sweatshirt.

Pratap looked out of the window at the snow falling.

Jayant intervened in a barroom fight and ended up with a black eye.

The blisters have formed scabs.

I only drink to be sociable.

Suyog said he heard Stewart say that.


Take this junk out of here.

My parents are no longer living.

Jan still has my bicycle.


It's impossible to fix.

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They're professional singers.

I hate this town.

Oy, why do you hit me?!

France has a higher birthrate than most of Europe.

They knocked on the door and said they had come to arrest him.

Shutoku appreciated Tai's offer.

You know how to make yourself irresistible.

I've gained over five pounds since I got here.

I thought you had more sense than that.


Joyce looked upset.

The sun is the king of the sky, the moon is the queen of the stars.

The new bridge is under construction.


Drifting off to sleep again, the same dream returned, three times in all.

I've always been honest with you.

My specialty is French onion gratin soup.

Maybe you and I should do something.

Gerard didn't realize he was in any danger.

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This is the first time I've ever left my car without locking its doors.

I tried to convince Roderick to help us.

I told him nothing.

Four men are singing.

Will you be ready?


What does your son want to be when he grows up?

I missed him.

The train was on the point of leaving when I got to the station.

Everyone is taking a turn.

I think it necessary that you should do so.


I don't want to go there.

The individual stars in a constellation may appear to be very close to each other, but in fact they can be separated by huge distances in space and have no real connection to each other at all.

The girl hops.

They did a DNA comparison to see if the body was Takayuki's.

He speaks not only Spanish, but also French.

What are you fighting for?

I'm more experienced than Aaron.


Can I give you a little friendly advice?


We want justice.

I'm not doing well.

I am a member of the baseball team.

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Would you be willing to send me a sample free of charge?


I haven't talked to Himawan about this yet.


You're quite a philosopher.

Panzer wasn't there at the time.

I was born on March 18th 1994.

Pierce didn't intend to hurt anyone.

You should have told me in advance.


Hawks are birds of prey.


I take it you're not married.

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I take the blame.

Time is the father of truth.

I would like to go back in time to see what the dinosaurs looked like.


We live near the school.

Germany is a parliamentary republic.

Could you get a hammer for me from the kitchen please?

Has Juan eaten yet?

You're patronizing.

What's with him?

I want to do spring cleaning.

Our boss doesn't tolerate being contradicted.

Narendra said that he wasn't hungry.

Ginny lived in Boston when he was in college.

There's no need to go to school today.

Who got hurt?

If someone criticize you, it's because you have something that he will never have.

So what are the implications?

We don't want him to go.

Sunday is the first day of the week.

Teriann doesn't seem to be as busy as Francisco is.

You could've just called.

Bernie looked distant and distracted while Lila told him her life story.

I want you to get well.

That pretty bird did nothing but sing day after day.

Diane is going to college now.

Joe stepped out of the shower.